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1.How do I register?

You can register by clicking on the "Sign Up" link at the top right corner of the homepage. Please provide the information in the form that appears. You can review the terms and conditions, provide your payment mode details and submit the registration information.

2.Are there any charges for registration?

Each email address and contact phones number can only be associated with one account.

3.Do I have to necessarily register to shop on Vaidehi Foods's website?

You can surf and add products to the cart without registration but only registered shoppers will be able to checkout and place orders. Registered members have to be logged in at the time of checking out the cart, they will be prompted to do so if they are not logged in.

4.Can I cancel the order after placing an order?

Only Orders with “Payment Pending” or "Card-Failed" or "Card Flagged" status can be cancelled by emailing us at Otherwise orders once placed on cannot be cancelled.

5.I was given an approx delivery time on but the shipment is delayed.

Some orders may be delayed due to customs clearance or any other issues. We will keep you informed of the same via e-mail on the delivery times.

6.My order received is incomplete.

You can email us on about the details. We will check with our operations team and if necessary after investigation refund the amount equivalent to the undelivered items.

7.Some food items received in the shipment has leaked or broken.

We ensure that food items are well packed and labeled as Fragile to avoid any damage during the shipment. However, due to mis-handling by air cargo it may happen that some products are broken or leaked. does not take responsibility of the same.

8.Why it would be safe to courier through Vaidehi Foods?

The promoters of Vaidehi Foods are domestic and international forwarders. We make sure that the products get delivered at the right place at the right time.

9.Why it would be cheaper to courier through Vaidehi Foods?

Because the promoters have broken down the down line links to reach to end-user and had directly found the customers from other country. Vaidehi Foods deals directly with the customer. So, all the profit margin of down line would be beneficially to end user.

10.How would be the packing of the parcel and what would be the quality of product?

We make sure that the products are freshly packed in the containers. The purchased products would be double packed with plastic and bubble sheet which would be fully wrapped by the tapes.

11.Are there any additional costs?

We sell all the products at no extra price except the shipping costs.

12.How do I contact customer service?

Our customer service team is available from 11.00 AM to 6.00 PM all seven days of week. They can be reached at or call us on +91 93236 45829.